Comprehensive Care of diseases prelevantes
Early Childhood AIEPI

Attention in Early Childhood

For children between 1 and 6 years old with low score SISBÉN, supply nutritional supplements in order to maintain and / or improve the nutritional status of the most vulnerable children in the municipalities.

In this activity we look for signs and symptoms of EDA (acute diarrheal disease), ARI (acute respiratory infection), and nutritional status of infants is assessed, the vaccination schedule according to age is evaluated and detection of symptoms is child abuse, in addition to an exploration of risk factors is performed in the environment trying to mitigate or eradicate them if possible .. This search is carried home by home in the most vulnerable municipalities, both urban and rural.

Audit program for improving the quality of health care PAMEC

We implement the audit program for improving the quality of health care - PAMEC in the institutions providing health services, local health departments or health departments and state social enterprises, in order to impact on the processes strategic, welfare and those supporting that directly affect the provision of health services, performing a set of actions of internal and external audit, the first designed and implemented by the company to improve the quality of those service processes user-defined as priorities by the organization, to the extent deemed essential for obtaining the results or to increase the quality of services of the organization, and the second as drivers of organizational improvement of institutions.