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APS Strategies Perform!
Primary Care Health

For economic and social development family community.

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We approached individuals
families & community! being
as close attention:

health to reside or where people work.

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Programs in Health &

collective Health interventions to Extramural Level .

Committed to environment !

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the role contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Caring for him
Loving it
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Our Commitment & Work A sample of how committed we are to our work..

Health Promotion &
Disease Prevention.

Programs of health promotion and disease prevention are focused on developing procedures and comprehensive actions to the population, individuals and families.

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Promotion of the responsible exercise
of sexuality

We train people, individuals and institutions on the need for comprehensive sexuality education for young people, which goes beyond risk prevention with a focus on rights.

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Accompanying Projects Municipal Administrations

We provide support and assistance to local government projects, care and compensation to victims of armed, comprehensive care programs to the processes of social reintegration conflict.

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Public Health Programs &

disease prevention!

Programs for People on Disability

Promoting health in the population at disability: We develop workshops to promote healthy lifestyles, aimed at the population living in visual and physical disabilities, which advise on issues such as sexuality, conflict resolution, prevention and handling bedsores (lesions or ulcers that occur in patients when they remain immobile and urology).

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Nutrition Programs
Celebration of breastfeeding! Food Supplements for pregnant and lactating, Delivery of food supplements to children between 1 & 5 years. Updating the nutritional status of children in primary basic educational institutions, Deworming children receiving food security programs training leaders and food handlers food security programs teachers. Training beneficiaries in food security and families on nutritional issues!

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Primary Care Health-APS

We pay health care directed to individuals and families in the community with their full participation and through programs such as:

  • Consultation on Oral Health
  • Oral Health Workshops
  • Medical evaluation and advice
  • Psychology Workshops
  • Psychological counseling
  • Prevention of psychoactive substance use
  • educational workshops on sexuality
  • Prevention of cervical and breast cancer
  • Delivery of condoms
  • Family Planning Program
  • human and inclusive old
  • full health for Women
  • healthy environmental territory
  • Territory health and Coexistence
  • Health diversity and social inclusion
  • Street dweller - Victims armed conflict
  • Disability - Ethnic Communities
  • Speech therapy evaluation

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Programs offer
Primary Health Care APS Nutrition and Food Safety care AIEPI Early Childhood Solid Waste Management MIRS
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Institutional Video These are part of our projects that help improve the quality of life of Colombians.