Oral Health Programs.

Campaigns Oral Health in Educational Institutions

In these campaigns, workshops on brushing techniques, the use of dental floss and oral hygiene for children of preschool and basic primary education institutions of the municipalities are made, also we deliver kits oral hygiene, which contain: A toothbrush, a glass, a toothpaste, a telltale plate tablet and dental floss. The strategy IEC (Information, Education and Communication) is also developed in oral health, delivering informative brochures to children and interacting through puppet shows and institutional jingles.

Program Oral Health for the Elderly

Develop oral health programs aimed at older adults, focused on restoring periodontal health and implementation of dental patients who require prostheses. Procedures performed prosthetic (dentures), restaurateurs (chocks) and periodontal (Prophylaxis and detartrajes), in order to regain physical, emotional and social health of the most vulnerable elderly municipalities.