Programs for people with disabilities

Health promotion in the population with disabilities.

We develop workshops to promote healthy lifestyles, aimed at the population in situation of visual and physical disabilities, which advise on issues such as sexuality, conflict resolution, prevention and management of pressure sores (lesions or ulcers that occur in the when patients remain immobile) and urology.

Strengthening Public Policy in people with disabilities

We hold conference calls (Athlete Healthy), in which a carousel health, with related to general medicine, oral hygiene, nutrition, height, weight, eye exam, recreational and face painting activities develops, benefiting people with disabilities.

Healthy Lifestyles.

Conference on Healthy Lifestyles:

We conduct workshops to promote health and disease prevention based on healthy lifestyles in neighborhoods and villages, in order to promote physical activity and community awareness about the need to walk daily half hour to avoid health problems such as hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart problems and blood circulation, increase awareness of diseases caused by cigarette smoking diseases, activities also include workshops oral health (Techniques brushing and hygiene), taking blood pressure, height, weight, evaluation visual ability and examination of glycemia.