APS Primary Health Care

Primary care
APS Health

It is essential health care accessible to all individuals and families in the community with their full participation and through programs such as:

schools Healthy

Health Care aimed at the population of educational institutions of the municipalities where actions are carried out in:

  • Consultation on Oral Health
  • Oral Health Workshops
  • medical evaluation and advice
  • Psychology Workshops
  • Psychological counseling
  • Psychoactive substance use prevention
  • educational workshops on sexuality
  • Cervical cancer and breast cancer prevention
  • Delivery of condoms
  • Family Planning Program
  • human and inclusive vejes
  • full health for Women
  • healthy environmental territory
  • Territory Health and Coexistence
  • Health diversity and social inclusion
  • Street dweller - Victims armed conflict
  • Disability - Ethnic Communities
  • Speech therapy evaluation

Attention in the
Urban and Rural

Home visits, health care and counseling, aimed at the population in urban and rural areas of the municipalities, through:

  • Development of reading needs through family records.
  • Making extramural activities to men and women in family planning.
  • Detection of impaired growth and development.
  • Identification of developmental disorders in young healthy.
  • Detection of alterations in pregnancy early.
  • Recognition of adult disorders..
  • Taking action on promotion and prevention for early detection of breast cancer.
  • Screening for measuring visual acuity.
  • extramural care to diabetic and hypertensive patients.
  • Education in healthy eating styles..