Support and assistance to projects of
local governments

Support care units and repair
victims of armed conflict

Provide support and assistance to care units and reparation for victims of armed conflict, taking into account the situations of violence that our country has suffered, and to improve the living conditions of Colombians perform coordinated interinstitutionally to comply with the law activities of victims and land restitution law 1448, 2011.

Keeping current public policies of each municipality and promoting new policies that can improve the quality of life of the population taking into account the context and the specific needs of each municipality or segment of the country.

No to Arms

We support local authorities in preventing violence, homicides and fatal accidents, since prevention of violence is also one of our interests, therefore, we prevent the use of weapons in each segment of the population; From the political scenarios to the classroom, through strategies with high educational content and deep symbolic value, motivating the community to build a better social fabric with discouraging the carrying and use of weapons and encouragement for delivery of knives and Firearms.

Peace and Reintegration.

We support comprehensive care programs and monitoring processes of social and economic reintegration of demobilized people from criminal groups in the country under the guidance of high concejería for reintegration, the entity responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating national social and economic reintegration policy.

These programs provide for the integral formation of the person and society to which rejoins in three areas, comprising psychosocial assessment activities and work support, health care and psychosocial support.


We perform processes, procedures and activities necessary for the improvement and adaptation of the facilities of the state social enterprises, in order to comply with biosafety standards and quality standards demanded by the ministry of health and social protection.

In the IPS Sáner we provide support and assistance in the municipalities of influence for programs, projects and activities developed there, such as:

Safety Night

Promote spaces of respect for life, the difference, coexistence and civic culture, based on a field of consultation and values, in order to make the night a space for safe enjoyment, strengthen legality and self-traders and citizens, acopañando to state institutions, merchants and citizens.

We carry out activities promoting safe for coexistence and encounter, improving the quality standards of nightspots as well as training for self-regulation of the same spaces.

Prevention of Crime

We assist local authorities in intervention values, civility and respect for the life of social actors in each municipality, children, youth, teens, parents and / or caregivers, in order to strengthen their legality, attacking factors as increased linking young people and children in illicit activities, behaviors outside of family and social norms, presence of behaviors and inappropriate behavior, family disintegration and breakdown of family ties.

Management Support Program Quality Local Health,
Departments of Health and Social State Enterprises (Inspection, Surveillance and Monitoring)

1. Quality audit the provision of health services to the poor not covered with subsidies to demand (Medical Records, PQRS, remissions). REGULATIONS: Decree 1011 of 2006 Resolution 1043 with its two technical annexes and resolution 1995, resolution 2000 and 3374 which add to or modify other RIPS.

2. Technovigilance, pharmacies and opticians. REGULATIONS: Resolution 4816 of 2008

3. Compliance of Circular 056, 2008 (Enabling PAMEC, System Information). REGULATIONS: Decree 1030 of 2007, Circular 056 of the SNS, resolution 1445 of 2006 and its two technical annexes.

4. Follow-up SGSSS SMEs and / or informal sector of the economy. LEGISLATION: Law 100 of 1993, unified Circular of April 22, 2004.

5. Monitoring the implementation of activities P & P. NORMATIVITY: Resolution 412 of 2000 and Resolution 3384 of 2000.

6. Follow the territorial health plan, the EPS of jurisdiction. REGULATIONS: National Public Health Plan.

7. Design and implementation of PAMEC local address health and E.S.E. REGULATIONS: Resolution 3960 of 2008.

8. Measuring the linked satisfaction and subsidized population. NORMATIVITY: Resolution 660 of 2008.

9. Monitoring, Medical Audit, clinical and control activities, programs and projects in health, according to the requirements of current regulations and contained in the mandatory system of quality assurance - SOGC.

10. Support for the administrative management of state social enterprises - ESE, developing processes and procedures of the complexity of each institution, management software, manuals acuedo to processes and procedures ESE, current regulations and the system . mandatory quality assurance - SOGC. REGULATIONS: Resolution 4816 of 2008.