Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

Seminars and Congresses of Public Health

In order to train professionals in the area of ​​health, we conduct seminars and congresses public health, in which topics such as malaria, rubella, measles and tuberculosis are treated, also addressed topics in the areas of mental health and breastfeeding , they are exposed by expert speakers in the field, who adapt their powers epidemiological profile of the municipalities.

Seminars Regulations and Biosafety

We conduct seminars on regulations and biosafety for owners and / or managers of beauty salons, piercing and tattoos, hair salons and barbershops municipalities, with the aim of training them in biosafety standards and sanitation to provide better service community, also carried out commercial samples with companies belonging to the sector.

Workshops on Maternal and Prenatal Security.

We conduct training processes for the nursing staff of hospitals for improvement in care for expectant mothers and birth care woman with diligenciamiento partogram and following the guidelines of the CLAP (Latin American Center for Perinatology), this program is carried out in order to meet the target 5.A proposed by the world health organization, to reduce maternal mortality by one third between 1990 and 2015.